roti or chappathi

Ingredients for roti or chappathi

1. Wheat flour - 3 cups
2. Water - 1 cup
3. Salt - a pinch
4. Oil - 1 tsp
5. Some flour - for dusting

Preparation for chappathi:

  • Take a bowl and mix the flour,salt oil and water and make a dough.Cover the dough and keep it for 2 hours restly.
  • Now the dough is divided into small balls.Take some flour and dip the ball.
  • Keep the dipped ball in a flat surface and take a rolling pin and roll out into a thin ,round shape.
  • Now take the tava and preheat. Place the rolled dough on the tava.when bubbles appear on top then turn it over.
  • Bubbles colour change into light brown colour then remove the chappathi from tawa.Now chappathi is ready to eat.Serve with aloo.