Rasam Powder


"Rasam powder" is an important ingredient in the preparation of rasam,as it adds flavour and fragrance to rasam.It is easy to prepare.


Red chillis - 100 gms.

Coriander seeds (Dhaniya seeds) - 100 gms.

Pepper - 25 gms.

Jeera (cummin seeds) - 2 tbsps.

Thuvar dhal -50 gms.

Tumeric powder -2 tsps.


Step 1:Fry al the above ingredients dry (without adding oil) in a frying pan till the ingredients change color (turn light reddish or brown) .

Step 2:Then grind the fried ingredients in a mixer-grinder to get a nice powder.

Step 3:Store the rasam powder in a dry air-tight container.


*Please use the ingredients in the above mentioned quantity only.

*Do not over fry the ingredients.

*Do not add oil while frying,fry dry