'Pepper Curry' popularly known as 'Milagu Kulambu' is a must
sidedish for people suffering from gastric problems.It is a popular sidedishin the Brahmin (IYER) family of South India (Tamil Nadu).It exists from the middle 18th century.This dish has got medicinal values and is taken by women after their labour delivery period for a few days.


Pepper - 3 tsps.

Thuvar Dhal - 4 tsps.

Tamarind - a medium sized ball

Curry Leaves- to taste

Salt - to taste

Asafoetida- a pinch

Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp.

Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp.

Oil - 50 gms.

Red chilli - 3 pieces


Step 1:Pour one tsp. of oil in the kadai .Heat the oil for a minute.Then add 3 tsps. full of pepper , 3 pieces of red chillis , 4 tsps of thuvar dhal into the oil and fry them .Keep this mixture aside.

Step 2:Now , take a lemon sized ball of tamarind and add water to it.

Step 3:Now,grind the mixture with the tamarind water in a mixer-grinder to make a thick finely grinded paste.

Step 4:Now heat the remaining oil in a kadai ,add asafoetida(a pinch),curry leaves and mustard seeds to it and the grinded paste also .

Step 5:Now,fry the mixture til it boils.Add a few cups of water to the mixture and boil until the liquid mixture becomes a semi solid .

Step 6:Serve hot with ghee rice.

*Do not take too much or too little of tamarind.
*Use dark appearing tamarind only.
* Take all the ingredients in the above mentioned quantity only.